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Force of Good

Dedicated employees, who enjoy going to work, cooperate and take responsibility is the heart of the Fergas Culture.

Fergas CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) started back in 1949 when the founder of Fergas, Mr Lennart Wallman started the company in order to provide people with good, safe and long-term employment.

To continuously strive to make a difference for not only our customers but also our employees is an enduring value of Fergas and we collectively describe these activities as “Force of Good”.

The four cornerstones of Force of Good are how we act as a responsible employer, our sponsorship of local non-profit organizations and sports clubs, our financial support to specifically chosen charities around the world, and finally our employee's support and dedication to local charities in terms of time, insight and practical support.

“FORCE OF GOOD -We are a ”force of good” in the workplace, in our communities, and in the world.”

Below are a number of organizations we support:


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We are keen to do the right thing and to maintain the trust of our employees, partners and the public´s trust in us and our business. We therefore want to do everything we can to detect and prevent any irregularities in our business as early as possible. In our whistleblower service, you can submit a report of suspected serious misconduct.  

We have hired an independent receiver function that manages our reporting system to maintain an independent handling of the reports. All reports and messages received are handled in a manner that ensures confidential treatment of your identity. Your report will be encrypted and no IP addresses can be tracked.  

To ensure your anonymity - consider the following:  

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